This movie is based on the historic events of the Axe Theft of 1899. It will be made in the style of the silent films by Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, and, especially, Buster Keaton. Just as Keaton was chased by police officers or wedding brides, this story features Cal students being chased by Stanford.

The black-and-white silent film will be 20 minutes long and it will feature old organ music and title cards instead of spoken dialogue. To be filmed on location in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, it will be shot as accurately as possible in regards to historical architecture, hair styles, and wardrobe.

We intend for the final product to be shown at film festivals, cable television, web streaming, and Blu-Ray / DVD, as well as seminars, rallies, and student orientations at Stanford and the University of California.

the axe theft

the axe theft
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