The Ax Our Own:
Professors of Berkeley and Stanford So Agree

The Daily Californian, 21 April 1899

At a joint meeting of Professors GREEN and RICHARDSON of Stanford and Professors BACON and EDWARDS of Berkeley, held yesterday morning, a definite agreement was reached concerning the now famous "ax". The Stanford representatives admitted that we had won the trophy fairly and honorably, and that it was ours by right of conquest. They declared that in the light of such a decision all rancour and animosity between the two colleges should cease, and that our relations with our sister institution should be as friendly and pleasant as heretofore. Further, they definitely asserted that no more attempts would be made by the Stanford students to recover their unlucky mascot.

As the same time the joint committee decided that any show of ill-feeling, rushing, or rowdyism of any sort at the Field Day tomorrow would be the signal for the complete interdiction of all future intercollegiate contests.

In accordance with this decision, the Faculty Committee on Students' Affairs yesterday afternoon stopped the sale of the little souvenir axes at the Co-op, which has been lively all day. This prohibition is not final however, and will be in force merely until the Field Day is over.

The Debaters

The men who will represent California in the last of tomorrow's contests were seen last night and they each declared that they had done the best they could. They have all — GOLDEN, MARTIN and WARNER — given their whole time to preparation and have evolved the best arguments of which they are capable. They hope to win, and while not feeling sure, recognize that they will have a fighting chance, and intend to make the best of it. They expressed the hope that all the college would be there to back them up, as much support puts life into them and adds force to their every word. Whether they win or lose, they can be relied upon to do their best.

As yet who the judges will be is definitely not known.

Invitations to the Intercollegiate Debate may be obtained at the Co-op by any one desiring them either for themselves or others.

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