Freshman Social:
Young Ladies Entertain — More Excitement About the Ax

The Daily Californian, 20 April 1899

The young ladies of the class of 1900 held a most successful social in Stiles Hall Tuesday evening.

A large gathering of Freshmen besides a sprinkling of Juniors were present. The latter were there to see that their proteges would not be imposed upon by their traditional enemies, the Sophomores. In this they were only partially successful. The expected raid on the ice-cream did not take place, but somewhat later in the evening the gas lights suffered a mysterious eclipse. Some Sophomores, having forced the cellar door, got in to where the metre is kept and turned off the gas. After half an hour of anxious toil by the Juniors the mischief was repaired, and there was light.

A program was rendered, consisting of a recitation by Miss DAVIDSON, a violin solo by J. SALZ, and some remarks by President WALKER. At the conclusion of the program refreshments were served.

The social was only one of the exciting features of Tuesday evening. There had been many rumors coming from various sources that another attempt to regain the ax would be made that night. Information had been received during the afternoon that a large party of Stanford men were staying in San Francisco intending to make a second attempt to regain the Stanford ax. Later in the evening telephone messages were received that a large party of Stanford men were crossing the bay. Many other messages to the same effect were also received.

Elaborate preparations were made in order to guard against surprise. Sentinels were posted in various places, the club and fraternity houses were notified to be on the qui vive, and arrangements were made to spread the alarm in case anything occurred. Fortunately the arrangements were not called into use.

There is considerable doubt in the minds of those entrusted with the keeping of the Stanford trophy, as to the manner in which will finally be disposed of. It is feared that an attempt on our part to permanently retain it would occasion much hard feeling from our rivals. It is therefore probably that some action will soon be taken to voluntarily return it.

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