The Series Won:
Our Varsity Victorious In Two Successful Games

The Daily Californian, 17 April 1899

The Varsity baseball team won the championship for the season of 1898, Saturday, by defeating the Stanford team in an exciting game by a score of 9 to 7. This is the first time that the U.C. ever won the Intercollegiate championship in baseball in two straight games.

The attendance at the game was larger than at the game before, a larger crowd of U.C. rooters being there. It was poor weather for baseball, being too cold, and a strong wind blew across the diamond, making it very difficult to judge fly balls.

The Stanford rooters brought a large battle ax to the game which they had ground sharp in a recent campus rally. After the game the ax was captured by some U.C. men who were pursued by the Stanford crowd, but they escaped with their trophy, which was brought to Berkeley.

The game was marked by heavy hitting at which our team excelled Stanford's. McLAREN, SWAN, HAMLIN, and WOLF did the best batting, the former leading with three hits include a two-bagger. KAARSBERG outpitched LANAGAN at every point except in strike-outs Stanford could only find KAARSBERG in two innings. He allowed ten hits, struck out two, and gave four bases on balls. LANAGAN was touched for eleven hits, gave five bases on balls, hit three men and struck out ten. After the first two innings he steadied down and was more effective. KAARSBERG did not allow Stanford to score after the disastrous fifth inning.

With the exception of MEIN's three costly errors the fielding was good. HUNTER and WOLF in the outfield played star ball. In the infield HAMLIN, FULLER and CHESEBROUGH did the best work. McLAREN as usual made some fine catches.

California opened up on LANAGAN in the first inning. CHESEBROUGH got his base on balls, McLAREN and SWAN singled scoring CHESEBROUGH. HAMLIN hit for three bases bringing McLAREN and SWAN in, and HUNTER scored HAMLIN with a single.

In the second inning WOLF hit safe. MEIN went to first on balls and then CHESEBROUGH bunted, scoring WOLF. McLAREN made a two-base hit and MEIN and CHESEBROUGH crossed the plate. In the fourth inning MEIN singled, McLAREN made a sacrifice hit, advancing MEIN to second. SWAN again hit safe, scoring MEIN.

Stanford, in their half of the fourth, began to tally. CARSON hit to right field, MEIN made an error, CARSON going to second on the play. YOUNG made a single, LOUGHEED was given first on balls, STROHN hit safe, CARSON tallying. McLAREN fumbled and YOUNG scored.

WOLF started the fifth inning by reaching first on LOUGHEED's error. MEIN got to first the same way. WOLF stole third and crossed the plate on CHESEBROUGH's bunt. Stanford made five runs in her half. CARSON hit to right field, the ball passed MEIN and CARSON scored on HUNTER's wild throw in. EDWARDS walked to first, LANAGAN hit a two-bagger and STROHN got to first on balls.

With the bases full MURPHY rapped out a three-base hit and scored three runs. LOUGHEED then repeated MURPHY's hit and MURPHY came in. This made the score 9-7, at which it remained during the remainder of the game.

The only double play was in the last of the seventh. EDWARDS reached first on SWAN's fumble of a grounder. STROHN hit to SWAN who threw EDWARDS out at second and FULLER threw STROHN out at first.

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